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Friday, December 21, 2012

RELATIVE KARMA by Martin Reaves_Review

Relative KarmaRelative Karma by Martin Reaves
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Review of Relative Karma by Martin Reaves
5 stars

There are stories that we read for the snappy plot line, stories we read for the thrills, stories which showcase character evolution. Then there are stories at which we step back for a moment and marvel: “THIS is the work of a MATURE WRITER.” Such was my immediate-and continuing-thought while racing through Martin Reaves’ incredible novel “Relative Karma.” If this is what Mr. Reaves is capable of early on, well, the Writing World needs to take notice, because even though he is already at perfect, he will continue to push that cutting edge.

Jeff Vincent is a man in an odd situation; well, several odd situations. He’s financially stable without employment, so to distract his mind, he runs a “Search Service.” A year ago, he confessed his marital infidelity to his wife, and so she lives in the fancy house in the hills and he lives near downtown Sacramento on the top floor of a converted Victorian. Is either happy? Of course not, but Jeff acknowledges “it  was all his fault.” In a sort of coincidental-or not-timing, Jeff is “offered” a search job, a missing adult son. Naturally all is not as it seems, and by the time less than a week has passed, Jeff’s life, his wife Shelley’s, and the lives of many others have been twisted in unimaginable ways.

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