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Monday, December 3, 2012

CLOSURE by Gillian Hamer_Review

ClosureClosure by Gillian Hamer
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Review of Closure by Gillian Hamer
[publication date Dec. 1 2012]
5 stars

If you loved “The Charter,” you’ll really love this novel. If you haven’t read “The Charter,” read both. Author Gillian Hamer has a way of interweaving historical narrative with contemporary events and characters in a way that is enlightening, educational, inventive, and very entertaining. “Closure” is what several characters in this novel really need, that psychological “closing a door” or “boxing away” trauma, grief, sorrow, and so forth. Helen lost her husband a few years ago, her son Jake lost his father; but Jake also carries someone else’s trauma: Jake is the reincarnate of an eleven-year-old island boy from North Wales, Jacob, who along with his father drowned in 1831.

It isn’t just the drowning of Jacob, nor Jake’s contemporary loss of his father; there’s an ongoing situation which is highly disturbing to the spirit of Jacob, and hence to young Jake (who is only five). Helen must consider how to help Jake to find healing, even to the extent of enlisting an American researcher of past lives.

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