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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

BLOOD BOUND by Karina Gioertz_Review

Blood BoundBlood Bound by Karina Gioertz

Review of Blood Bound
Reviewed for Salgad Publishing
5 stars

What an immensely intriguing story? I was riveted from the first page, and by the fifth page or so, I was racing along totally enthralled. So where do I begin? The superb plotting, the good characterizations which enabled me to empathise with and to comprehend even the characters about whom in real life I wouldn’t care or wish to associate with, the settings, the suspense, the “how in the world did that happen? I can’t believe it!” The superb way in which the author escalates tension, tightening those screws, yet never telegraphs any of the denouements? All of it is here and any reader who relishes tantalizing mystery with escalating suspense and characters you just have to cheer on, will totally enjoy “Blood Bound.” I in fact am now a convert, off to read author Karina Gioertz’ other novels. I’m very thankful to Salgad Publishing for introducing this fortunate reader to this particular author, and I hope to encourage all you Constant Readers to give Ms. Gioertz, and “Blood Bound” a go.

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