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Sunday, December 16, 2012

HAUNTED HOUSE FOR SALE by Jane Monson_Review

Haunted House For Sale (Paranormal Mystery) (A Haunted Mystery)Haunted House For Sale (Paranormal Mystery) by Jane Monson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Review of Haunted House for Sale
Reviewed for GMTA
5 stars

A snappy, perky, fun read with serious meaning underlying the bright tone, “Haunted House for Sale” is totally enjoyable, and I definitely want to read more from author Jane Monson. Realtor Catherine has an opportunity to sell a home to a college friend, and unfortunately, the desired residence is haunted. That is, the former owner was murdered there, and she appears (repeatedly) to Catherine, who has never before experienced any kind of paranormal or Supernatural manifestation. The ghost wants justice-but more importantly, to know who killed her. The ex-husband is in jail awaiting trial, but the ghost says, “No, not him.” She’s not going to leave Catherine alone till Catherine solves the mystery, in the process encountering a hot detective who doesn’t want to believe in Supernatural manifestations.

With budding romantic potential, sensual tension, and twists and turns as sharp as a snaky road curve, “Haunted House for Sale” will capture reader’s attention and keep it intrigued.

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