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Friday, December 14, 2012

3RD SIGHT by Ian Woodhead_Review

Third SightThird Sight by Ian Woodhead
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Review of 3rd Sight by Ian Woodhead
5 stars

If you are in the market for gory, graphic, splatterpunk, in your face and then some, horror, look no further: this is it. An amazing new spin, a potential most of us would never have thought of (thankfully), a “monster” that is implacable and seemingly unstoppable; and a protagonist/narrator who is unfortunately no better than he should be and not necessarily a very likable chump. It’s all here; and I have the suspicion this story will keep me awake at night, or else having really ugly nightmares. I believe this may be the first I’ve read by the tremendously prolific and imaginative Mr. Woodhead, but it certainly shall not be the last.

Adrian runs with bad company, despite his upbringing on the “better side of the tracks.” Psychologically, I would guess that Adrian doesn’t like himself much, but then maybe it is as one of the other characters decides: he is just antisocial and doesn’t like others. In any event, he works on the shop floor of an electronics superstore run by his uncle, although no one else at the store realizes their connection. Inexplicably to him, he is targeted by a very weird type of “monster,” which can disguise itself as-well, almost anybody-and which prefers the delectation of long-drawn out, torturous, killing: the more energy expended, the better, don’t you know. In decades, no one has been able to stop or prevent this creature, but if Adrian doesn’t find a way, he will be the one losing his sanity and imprisoned for any number of gruesome murders of family, friends, and acquaintances.

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