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Saturday, December 1, 2012

HYBRID (HOUSE OF SLIDE) by Juliann Whicker_Review & Guest Post


Thank you for letting me pop onto your blog today! I'm really excited about the release of House of Slide, Hybrid. It's the second book in a series that I think of as a mix between Star War and Lord of the Rings, only with a lot more kissing. I went through a Jack Kerouac stage where I wrote existential dramas but then realized that maybe some people aren't pretentious when they write existential dramas, but I certainly was, so I began writing what I read, well, I read everything, but I keep being drawn back to the paranormal, fantastical, romantic adventures. I want mermaids and fairies, pirates and goblins, only my imagination doesn't quite run to the vampire/werewolf/angel themes. Perhaps I'll make it there someday, but until then, I've got House of Slide.

The House of Slide is a Wild House and part of those with Netherblood, those given the duty to protect humanity from the demons that feed on human souls. This duty has been forgotten over the centuries as those who were meant to work together became sworn enemies until eventually one group, the Hollows, were completely eradicated, leaving the world unbalanced. More and more shadows gather while Wilds occupy themselves with petty House Games until the ultimate threat forces them to choose sides. 

That is backstory, not exactly essential to the plot and yet, it's all going on behind the scenes. I began writing House of Slide, Hotblood as an exercise of description. I wanted to capture the wonder of someone seeing in color for the first time, feeling, tasting, smelling, having all the senses come alive in order to show that magic is real in every breath of our lives if we have the capacity to notice, to really wonder. I didn't think about who this girl was, or how she was left soulless, that wasn't important, but for some reason, everyone else wanted to know more. The more questions I got, the more answers I gave until I had a book, only it wasn't enough. This world I stumbled into, the world of lost souls, demon men, and mysterious Nether on nightmarish steeds still has me in its teeth, unwilling to let me go until the end of the world, or the salvation of it. 

I suppose epic good and evil battles take more than one book to resolve, unless you're Brandon Sanderson, and I'm not. 

I've been asked why I write such different stories than those that are readily had, and I think the answer is that if it's already out there, I have no reason to write it since I can simply read them. The reason that I write the books that I write, is because I want to read those books only I can't find them, so it's up to me. I've been fortunate to find some fellow readers who enjoy my book as much as I do, but in the end, I'm a reader much more than a writer, so it's about writing something that I want to read. 

I have a book, Watergirl, that is coming out next spring, probably, not in the world of House of Slide, and it's not epic, it's not a series, but it is a lot of fun, and sometimes that's just as good. At any rate, I'm grateful to be a writer, to have readers that enjoy my work, and connect with so many wonderful bloggers, writers and readers on the web. 

Thanks for having me over, Mallory.

REVIEW of HYBRID (HOUSE OF SLIDE #2) by JULIANN WHICKER_reviewed by Mallory Heart Reviews

Hybrid (House of Slide, #2)Hybrid by Juliann Whicker
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Review of Hybrid by Juliann Whicker
House of Slide, #2

If you’ve been smart and read “Hotblood” (House of Slide #1), you already know that author Juliann Whicker presented us with a marvel of “world-building,” an incredibly imagined, community of Hotbloods, Coldbloods, Wilds, and more. I was, and still am, in awe of Ms. Whicker’s imaginative capacity, and her ability to weave all of these “species” strands, as it were, into one seamless and utterly delectable tapestry. The characters are richly detailed, and again, so much imagination went into creating them, and the settings, and the plotlines. When I grow up (if that ever happens) I want to be a writer like this!

If you haven’t read “Hotblood,” please don’t wait any longer; and whether you’re already a “House of Slide” fan or not, do get “Hybrid.” Every page is a marvel. I don’t wish to spoil anything about the novel (sigh-there’s so much I could say ) so I will just add:

Oh, Ms. Whicker, is Book 3 ready yet?

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