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Monday, December 24, 2012

QUARANTINED by Joe McKinney_Review

QuarantinedQuarantined by Joe McKinney
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is what "apocalyptic" really signifies:(

Review of  Quarantined by Joe McKinney

I really enjoyed this book, despite the Dystopian framework which I found very depressing. The condition of San Antonio during this time period reminded me of what I’d read about Beirut. It’s terrifying that such a situation is potentially very possible, as many novelists and short-story writers have suggested in regard to plagues.
Author Joe McKinney has a special touch (witness, for example, “Inheritance”) and here it applies to a more or less straightforward murder mystery/police procedural. Detectives Lily Harris and her partner Reginald “Chunk” Dempsey (you’ll figure out why the nickname early on) are on Scar detail following the H2N2 influenza plague in San Antonio, a city literally under quarantine: locked inside containing walls, perpetually short of food and supplies, repeatedly looted and burned, with tens of thousands dead and more dying every day. When a body turns up on a transport which is unaccounted for, then proves to be one of the World Health Organisation doctors, mystery upon mystery begins to unfold. Meanwhile, Lily feels the pressure ever more, as she dreams of a “real life” for her five-year-old daughter Connie and her husband Billy and herself.

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