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Saturday, October 27, 2012

WITCHFIRE by Ardath Mayhar_Audio_Review

Please note:

I reviewed the audio book production by Airship27, but I do not have an ISBN number to create a new edition. This review is NOT of the paperback edition.

Airship27's production of the new pulp fiction novel "Witchfire" is startlingly good. Produced by the inimitable Chris Barnes of Dynamic RAM Productions, "Witchfire" immediately grabs the reader's attention and maintains it (even for a non-auditory learner such as myself). Magical and mystical, with strong characters and a winning plot line, "Witchfire" deserves a wide audience. I predict it will appeal to a new generation of pulp fans, as well as us "oldsters" who grew up with pulp such as "Web of Terror." I personally plan to acquire and read the print edition as well.

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