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Monday, October 15, 2012


About the author:

One day, on her way home from work as a sales manager, A. M. Hargrove,
realized her life was on fast forward and if she didn't do something
soon, it would quickly be too late to write that work of fiction she had
been dreaming of her whole life.  So, she rolled down the passenger
window of her fabulous (not) company car and tossed out her leather
briefcase.  Luckily, the pedestrian in the direct line of fire was a
dodgeball pro and had ├╝ber quick reflexes enabling him to avoid getting
bashed in the head.  Feeling a tad guilty about the near miss, A. M.
made a speedy turn down a deserted side street before tossing her
crummy, outdated piece-of-you-know-what lap top out the window.   She
breathed a liberating sigh of relief, picked up her cell phone and hit
#4 on her speed dial.

 Boss:  Hello

 A.M.:  Boss, is that you?

 Boss:  Why yes, A. M., who else would be answering my phone?

 A.M.:  Er... right.  Well, I'm calling to let you know you can pick up my luxury Ford Focus at Starbucks near the interstate.

 Boss:  Why ever would I want to do that?

 A.M.:  Because I quit!

 A.M. hit the end button and speed dialed her husband.

 A.M.:  Hi hubs, can you pick me up at Starbucks?

 Hubs:  Sure... Having some car trouble?

 A.M.:  Not at all.  I don't have a car to have trouble with because I just quit my job.

 Hubs:  WHAT?!

 A.M.:  It's time for a new career and I am going to be a very famous novelist.

So began A. M. Hargrove's career as a young adult paranormal romance
author of self-published ebooks.  Her series, The Guardians of Vesturon,
centers around a family of six siblings and is a mix of humor, mystery,
suspense and of course, love.  Survival and Resurrection are her first
and second full length novels in the series and Beginnings is the
prequel novella.  Her third installment, Determinant, will be released
on June 30, 2012.  (It didn’t happen exactly like that, but you get the




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Mallory Heart Reviews DETERMINANT:

Determinant (The Guardians of Vesturon #3)Determinant by A.M. Hargrove
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

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Review of Determinant
Reviewed for I luv tours blog tour
5 Stars

“Determinant” continues Author A. M. Hargrove’s magically imaginative contemporary sci fi series “The Guardians of Vesturon.” Vesturon is a planet in a distant galaxy, a peace-loving entity whose Guardians patrol other systems to keep peace and to prevent war-like species from ravaging other planets for resources and populace. One team of Guardians is based on Earth, in the Smoky Mountains. In this entry to the series, January St. Davis, a brilliant early high school graduate and valedictorian, escapes from a dismal home life to enter college in Western North Carolina. Although she makes close friends, the disappearance of one and the ongoing depression of the other add to her constant striving to keep ends meeting. An internship at the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta starts out excellently, till suddenly her supervisor finds fault in everything she does. On her way home to North Carolina at the end of the summer, January becomes deathly ill-and wakes to find herself part of a beautiful dream-if science fiction really is true. But of course, happy endings never come in the middle of the story, and January will find herself battling to win her dreams.

“Determinant” can function as a stand-alone novel, as Ms. Hargrove weaves in sufficient background to clue new readers to the earlier books, but not enough to overwhelm by repetition. However, this reviewer recommends reading (and re-reading) all three. The fourth in the series will appear in 2013.

Review of "Survival" (Book 1)

Survival (The Guardians of Vesturon, #1)Survival by A.M. Hargrove
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
5 Stars

Just from Page 1 I fell in love with this awesome book, whose poetic imaging is priceless. I have lived near the area which is the initial setting, so I was poised to discern if the descriptions were accurate; my judgment is-more than accurate, perfect, poetic, lyrical, and oh! How I wish I were there inside the scene! It’s not every author who can make the reader experience a story with her senses as well as mentally and emotionally, but A. M. Hargrove does! This author deserves a very wide audience.

At first glance, the reader would think this novel is about a very likable young lady who suffers two tragedies in her life (the loss of her parents at eleven and at seventeen), but manages to stay strong, even though completely alone; to make good friends, and to succeed in college. But this is just the anteroom to the novel, as it were. Author Hargrove leads Maddie into some serious (potentially fatal) danger-and then into the experience of a lifetime-well, of anyone’s lifetime! I won’t spoil the progress of this novel for future readers; but I do want to add that surprisingly, the author even elicited empathy for the characters whose actions are negative and dangerous. That’s not an easy accomplishment.

This book is a “100 percenter” and deserves my highest recommendation!

Over decades of reading I have discovered that accomplished writing does not come from the number of novels or short stories penned, and certainly not from the quantity of bestsellers! It occurs when a writer works at her craft, and then-even in a “debut” novel, it’s apparent. Such is true of A. M. Hargrove. I don’t know how many years she has been writing, but boy, can she write! In fact, I am now a convinced fan and plan to read everything she publishes, including the sequel, “Resurrection”!

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Review of Resurrection (Book 2)

Resurrection (The Guardians of Vesturon, #2)Resurrection by A.M. Hargrove
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Guardians of Vesturon Book 2

Sometimes a reader is enraptured with the first book of a series, anticipating the next, and finds herself disappointed. Well, worry not, Gentle Readers, that will NOT happen here. You loved and reveled in “Survival,” now get ready to rock with “Resurrection.” A. M. Hargrove is a very special author who delivers the goods. Qs a writer myself, I am constantly amazed at how she is able to meld the crossing of genres (contemporary, paranormal, science fiction, and more) and make the consequent product not only work, but endear itself to the hearts of readers. I’m so excited that the third volume in this wonderful trilogy will arrive in only three months; but in the meantime, we have the first two books in the “Guardians of Vesturon” series to read, reread, and reread yet again.

Readers who’ve raced through the first volume know that Maddie was left in seriously dire straits-waiting for rescue that she could not be certain would ever come, or at least not in time. If you haven’t read “Survival,” worry not, you can certainly enjoy “Resurrection” (although I would highly recommend reading both!), I don’t wish to need a spoiler alert in this review, so let me just say: get “Resurrection,” don’t overlook it; it doesn’t matter if you don’t think this is your usual genre of choice (there’s such a blend of genres here almost any reader is going to love it). Unless you don’t enjoy fast-paced, priceless reads, you’re going to want this as a keeper. Now go and get “Resurrection” (and “Survival”) and don’t delay.

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  1. Hi Mallory, thanks so much for featuring the entire series, The Guardians of Vesturon on your blog! I am so honored that you decided to be a part of the Determinant tour! Annie xx