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Thursday, October 25, 2012


The Adventures of Baylard BearThe Adventures of Baylard Bear by Lucinda Sue Crosby
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Review of The Adventures of Baylard Bear by Lucinda Sue Crosby

5 stars

“The Adventures of Baylard Bear” is subtitled: “a story about being different.” At first glance, the reader might think: well, of course, “different,” it’s about a bear. But the story is multi-layered and has some important lessons to offer us. Baylard is born into a happy bear family, but then his parents leave him at an orphanage, an institution for human children. Why? To allow him to find a better life than they can give him, economically. Baylard is taken in by the two elder ladies who run the establishment, and strives to fit in. He does so fairly well, but is saddened every Saturday when potential adoptive parents arrive to view the children.

One day a lady visits to play guitar and interact with the children; she makes a point to pay special attention to Baylard. He begins to daydream of living with her; and wonder of wonders, one day that dream does come true! But it’s not the end of Baylard’s adventures; he has much more to learn about the advantages and lessons of “being different.”

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