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Sunday, October 14, 2012

MIRROR BOUND by Leanne Herrera_Blog Tour and Review


Late at night when the house is quiet, the kids are sleeping and my husband is a few feet away sawing logs, inspiration strikes and I feel the need to record it all. The story is there in a small portion of my brain and it begins to explode through my fingertips onto a blank word document. Soon I realize that I have filled the page up. Then I have to go back and correct the places where my brain has typed the story faster than my hands ever could. This obviously leaves gaps in the stories I write. Sometimes I do not find them unless I read them aloud to someone else. 
            If no one is awake when I feel the need to do this, I often seek my online friends to just listen for a few minutes to me stutter and stammer through a story. If my husband is awake he becomes my listener. My children however will not read or listen to anything I write, because I am old. At least that is what they tell me. I however think that, if they read it or listen to it and actually enjoy it, that they think it will make them less cool than they are, so they just avoid the stories.
            What is funny about this is that I generally include something about them in each story. It could be a picture on the cover that I have taken of them for one of my art classes, or it could be that one of the background characters has their personality or look or something. They know this but still refuse to read or listen to anything I have written. I love my daughters but they are typical teenagers, nothing a parent says or does can be cool, what they do not realize is that this attitude, just fuels more late night writing and is often the inspiration behind the stories in one way or another.

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Leanne Herrera is a mother and grandmother with a BFA in ceramics sculpture. She has always loved telling stories, whether it be in the form of her art, poetry or the written word. She has a love for books and animals. She has traveled the world, first with her father when he was in the military and then with her husband of twenty years who was also in the military. Right now she lives in Florida but one day hopes to own a farm with lots of rescue animals, where she can write and throw clay.


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She came home to settle her great grandmothers affairs and figure out her own life. Finding out that her grandmother left her everything including magic powers she forgot to unbind before her death. Anna finds someone to love amidst the war against the woman that was supposed to love her and her twin sister. The mother goddess helps her gain her magic. Can Anna stop her mother before her mother stops her?


Review of MIRROR BOUND by Leanne Herrera

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Review of Mirror Bound by Leanne Herrera
Reviewed for GMTA Blog Tour
4 Stars

A consuming novel of magic, witchcraft, and soulmate romance, Mirror Bound presents a young woman of college age, formerly an identical twin, who in the midst of her grief over the passing of the great-grandmother (“Ma”) who raised her and her twin, and the continuing grief from her twin’s death a year earlier, discovers Magic with a capital “M.” Yes, Gentle Readers, “Magic.” The magic of a hottie who is that most blessed of beings, a man of good character and gentle soul in a dynamic body; and Magic as in witchcraft, control of the elements, and warding.

When Anna returns to her Ma’s tiny farmhouse, she quickly discovers Ma has left her a huge amount of funds, an herbal business-and a coven. It’s clichéd to say one’s world turns upside down, but for Anna it is true. Nothing can fully replace her beloved great-grandmother, nor her late twin Emily, but soulmate love and a new family through the coven, plus discovery of her own totally unexpected powers, can certainly fill up a lot of gaps in her life.

Author Leanne Herrerra approaches her characters in a warm, folksy, down-home manner which puts the reader immediately at ease, and introduces us to empathy with the characters and immediate suspension of disbelief with their unusual situations.

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