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Monday, October 22, 2012

HELLO DARKNESS by Sam Best_Review

Hello DarknessHello Darkness by Sam Best
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Review of Hello Darkness by Sam Best

Horror as it should be: implacable, juggernaut, inescapable. Horror that is and was and will be, world without end-or rather world-ending-is the category in this engrossing novel.
Who wouldn’t want to live in Falling Rock, Colorado: one hundred population year-round, a number which swells greatly during the annual festival-quiet, friendly, surrounded by nature-hike in the woods, climb Mt. Hodge, attend church in the valley. Or come face to face with an unstoppable, shape-changing horror never before seen or imagined?

Ben Howard lost his wife Marissa a year ago to an unavoidable vehicular accident. His grief at her death is entwined with his guilt as the driver, and at not being able to rescue her in time from the icy lake. But Ben has a daughter, Annabelle, who’s only four, so he must get a grip on life and raise her the very best he can. He and the precocious child return to his home town of Falling Rock, to the home his father built in the forest. Little could Ben realize that remaining in Baltimore and wallowing in grief would have been preferable to what waits for him in Falling Rock.

I read this very smoothly written and fascinating novel in one setting, and am eager to read more by author Sam Best. Excellent!

The author provided me with an e-book version in return for my provision of a fair and impartial review.

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