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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

VICIOUS by Bryan Alaspa_Review

Vicious: A Novel of SuspenseVicious: A Novel of Suspense by Bryan Alaspa
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A riveting and graphic novel told just as deeply and intensely from the dogs’ point of view as from the humans’, “Vicious” captures reader’s interest and empathy immediately. Yes, the dogs are killers, but not necessarily because of their breed, not because they were “bad seeds,” but because of humans who abused and beat them until they know not much more than killing and death. Even so, though, the male, Demon, cares for his mate Delilah, and is very protective of her-which goes to prove the point that these are not “evil” dogs. He doesn’t go out looking for trouble, he doesn’t hunt humans, he’s simply defending the territory that he has been careful to mark-so from his viewpoint, the humans are at fault for not paying attention to his markings.

“Vicious” is well-written and absorbing, and the secondary plot threads (such as the failing marriage of Stephen and Victoria, the background information on Jeremy’s first marriage and dog, the sorry character of Demon & Delilah’s owner, and more) keep readers glued to the ongoing story. Although quite frequently violent, the violence is part of the context and not gratuitous. The author includes an additional, divergent, ending as well, for the preference of some readers. (This reviewer much preferred the second ending.)

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