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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Twyla Shift: Blood and Magic by S. M._Review

Twyla Shift: Blood and MagicTwyla Shift: Blood and Magic by S.M.
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Anne’s clairvoyant dreams began before she can remember, but she well recalls at age six, the first-and final-time she spoke of them to another. Bullying, fear, and hatred resulted, and she subsided, eventually learning to recognize the dreams as guidance, and that meant specially for her, not usually as warnings or help for anyone else. At Uni, where she is engrossed in her chemistry course, her strange dreams take on a new turn, and she barely escapes from a dangerous fire in the chemistry lab. She’s about to find out that more than just the loss of two lives has occurred; she herself comes under a spell and is magnetized to a stranger she doesn’t ever remember seeing, a man who claims to be in love with her and to be marking her as his own. Next she realizes, she’s been transported to another realm, a world of magic, witches, and vampires, a realm known as Twyla; and Anne can view, hear, and transfer to Twyla for the very same reason she has spent her life feeling odd: her clairvoyance.

The descriptive settings are very well done, as are the action scenes. Readers will find it easy to emote  with the characters in Twyla, who all seem to live “larger than life” and are more dimensional than most humans. The plotting is nicely twisted, with many surprises along the way. “Twyla Shift: Blood and Magic” is not recommended for readers under 18 due to detailed scenes of intimacy.

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