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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Awaken by Garth Reasby_Review

AwakenAwaken by Garth Reasby
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Jordan Law is an exceptional human being, with powers that border on the outright spooky, such as the ability to become temporarily invisible to one individual or to small groups. She is also stronger, more enduring, a faster runner, and a very quick-almost instantaneous- healer. Using her abilities as a trained sniper for Britain’s intelligence service is effective, productive, and mostly satisfying, until she encounters a very odd, nearly dangerous event while on a sniper mission in Afghanistan, when she discovers the chosen target also has telepathic or psychic powers. Then she is tapped to join a more covert organization within the ranks of the Intelligence Service, fearing that her siblings might be selected for extreme testing to see if they too possess these extraordinary powers, and also because of her lifelong search for answers to why she is as she is.

“Awaken” is the first of a series and is packed to the rafters with action and adventure. It will appeal to fans of thriller novels who enjoy detailed explanations of missions, weaponry, and the hierarchy of covert organisations. Jordan is an unusual protagonist, because she is female and that is not the usual case for highly-trained snipers on assassination missions. This gives the author an opportunity to weave in her emotional tapestry, her engagement, and her approach to work and relationships. Despite her gender, however, Jordan Law is a super-hero type, never the ordinary routine field agent.

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