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Friday, March 2, 2012

Jake West: Keeper of the Stones by M. C. Webb_Review

Jake West: The Keeper of the StonesJake West: The Keeper of the Stones by M.J.  Webb
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Jake West Book One

Author Webb knows his dialogue and uses it wisely and well. Literally from the very first sentence, I could hear the characters speaking in my mind’s ear, and because Mr. Webb chooses to begin the novel with dialogue, the reader is immediately hooked into the setting, the plot line, and into empathy elicited for the characters. Jake and his best buddy Ben are delightful boys, much more respectful of the older generations than many these days, and neither is afraid to be open about emotions, such as Jake’s for his late grandmother, whom he never knew. The characters are simultaneously very much three-dimensional, and realistically true-to-life.

Mr. Webb also excels at descriptive setting and at plotting. Although I’ve not lived any similar situations, I felt as if I was a present observer in all of the scenes, because the setting is so clearly delineated. When it comes to plotting, Mr. Webb keeps that reader’s hook fastened firmly, and speeds along the plot line so the reader neither wants to jump off this express, nor is able to turn aside from the story.

This one’s for all those kids-and adults too-who’ve always yearned to discover that their heritage is much more exotic and amazing than they’ve been told; for the young girls who’ve always wanted to be princesses; for the young boys (and men) who dream of the Age of Chivalry. For all of us who wish that life meant more than it usually does, M. J. Webb’s Jake West: Keeper of the Stones, is the book to dream by-and hope.

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