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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Review of The Quarry by Mark Allan Gunnells

The QuarryThe Quarry by Mark Allan Gunnells

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I'd like to give this story about 9 stars!!

Excellently written, finely-detailed, good locale staging, with a keen eye for the horrific as a subtle leading up to the big noise, and that gentle contrast of “everything’s all right” propaganda with the concerns, anxieties, and fears of those in the know, the “old men” who labored in the quarry during its heyday, before its abrupt closure.

I truly loved this book. It’s exciting, well-written, well-characterised. The author doesn’t telegraph the upcoming horror, he just sets out gentle hints which make the reader want to speed on to find out what’s upcoming, and what lay in the past that nobody seems to know about or want to know about. The characterisations are special; for example, Dale, who could have been drawn from life (based on individuals I’ve known). In fact, throughout the story I found it all so realistic that I felt as if I lived right there in town and knew the folks, recognized the settings, and right along with the townspeople, feared and worried about the quarry. This is the kind of novel that just makes me want to keep on reading and never stop; I want it to be a neverending story.

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