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Sunday, March 4, 2012

To Wake the Shadows by Hannah Kollef_Review

I rated 5 of 5, but this novel deserves 12 of 5!

To Wake The ShadowsTo Wake The Shadows by Hannah Kollef
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh, I loved this book from the first sentence. What an ability the author has to capture setting, character, personality, venue, in such lyrical imagery. This is a book into which the reader will pour all her emotions. I’m not ashamed to say that by the fifth page, if not earlier, I found myself hunched over my computer, heart in my throat, totally and completely absorbed in the story, seeing the events through the eyes of Emily, feeling her pain and fear and dread, anxiety on her behalf squirming its way out into the open and becoming outright fear. Absolutely love this book!

Shivers, shakes, and stunning events abound, all couched in prose that verges on the poetic. Wow-this novel is a great read and sure to be a rereader often. There are ghost stories and then there are ghost stories-and I doubt this story will ever be out of my thoughts or memory-ever. Readers who love Peter Straub’s “Ghost Story” know the kind of superb writing, plotting, and mystery to which I refer-here is another fine example.

Any reader who can read even the Prologue without the story becoming just as much a part of her as it did of me, will be a reader who has overlooked a treasure and a gem. This is one incredible novel. From a newly-turned-seven-year-old Southern natural medium, to a nearly-fifteen-year-old young lady, a late bloomer in terms of puberty, the Shadows haunt and enshroud each, and for each young girl, life will forever be changed. So, too, will life be altered for each reader, because once we are enticed into this glorious story, we will never look at “reality” in the same way again.

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