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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Review of Sanctum Angels (Shadow Havens #1) by Edenmary Black

Sanctum Angels (Shadow Havens #1)Sanctum Angels by Edenmary Black

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Is praising the cover art of a novel appropriate in a review? Well, I am-because the art of Robin Ludwig Designs is simply stunning, awesome, and truly gorgeous! That said, let me add, I am so totally glad this is first in a series, and that Book 2 will soon be coming our way! The pacing is very rapid, and the setting reminded me more of fantasy rather than just paranormal. Since there are different species here-vampire, daemon, angel-I think it is not amiss to consider this a fantasy as well. I easily found myself turning the pages without really being aware of doing so, as I was so caught up in the story line. I really enjoyed this juxtaposition of paranormal species, and thought the author marvelously explained the various talents, dissimilarities, and other characteristics of each, building up the background in a subtle way without needing to bludgeon the reader with information. What the reader needs to know about each just flows naturally as part of the plotting and characterization. Intriguingly, there is no question about suspending disbelief; the reader just automatically accepts that here are vampires, over there are daemons, and elsewhere are angels; and that sometimes the groups mix, sometimes not, and then additionally there are humans. Not everyone can carry off this suspension of disbelief but author Edenmary Black does it most excellently. At no time did I need to stop and anchor myself to real life, because I was so engrossed in her story. I’m definitely anticipating Book 2 in this series because I’m sure it will be just as captivating as the first novel.

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