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Friday, March 16, 2012

Review of A Secure Heart by Charity Parkerson

My first review for my new Goodreads Group MalloryHeartReviews! So proud and privileged!

A Secure HeartA Secure Heart by Charity Parkerson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I was first introduced to Charity Parkerson’s novels when I went hunting in February 2012 for unread Werewolf & Shapeshifter books, for a group challenge on that enormously creative site, Goodreads. I found Ms. Parkerson’s “Society of Sinners,” and I was floored! If I could have awarded 12 or 13 stars instead of 5, I would have. So I’m enormously pleased to have he r request a review of “A Secure Heart.”

That subtle humour that makes me chuckle at the same time I’m smiling over the characters; those delicate brush strokes painting in the protagonists and the secondaries; that homespun wisdom (feeling beautiful improves one’s perspective and beams through her or his life); all this clues me as to what special author I’m reading.

Maybe it’s not etiquette to laugh out loud at a romance-but I can’t help myself. Charity is hilarious! Also touching, heartwarming, special, enjoyable, and A DON’T MISS EVER AUTHOR!

“A Secure Heart” (yes, the title does have resonance in each of the four stories, Gentle Reader) is woven from four divergent but linked stories. Each one is a gem-but if I had to choose a personal favourite, it would be the first and the fourth, which really tugged my own heartstrings. If you enjoy your romance well-plotted, well-characterised, steamy but heart-entangling; if you love good writing, a sense of humour, an author who knows her stuff and knows her readers, RUN, DO NOT STEP, DO NOT WALK, DO NOT WAIT to your nearest available book outlet and GRAB THIS BOOK (and if you haven’t already, get her “Society of Sinners” series too). Face it, Gentle Readers: Charity Parkerson rocks!

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