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Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Burning Edge by Rick Mofina_Review

This is a Hearts on Fire Reviews review.

The Burning EdgeThe Burning Edge by Rick Mofina
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A novel by Rick Mofina is a joy to behold, and this one is no exception. Opening like a runaway train, the excitement never stops; and this accomplished, prolific author manages to weave in so many levels that all the characters are fully three-dimensional, realistic, and if not always likable, at least comprehensible. His plotting takes in contemporary society, recent history, and even suspicions of terrorism. Mr. Mofina always manages to juggle a large cast of characters, both primary and secondary, never dropping one and never giving any less than their due. Every one is demonstrated as essential to the story line.

A sudden attack, an armed robbery in progress, leaves four dead and six million dollars gone missing. Lives are ended and upended, trust and peace of mind are destroyed. No one knows who, what, or why-only where and when. None of the survivors will remain the same. It’s incumbent on a middle-aged FBI agent with serious drama of his own  to discover the source, the rationale, and the killers, and to bring justice for one of the FBI’s own. It will become a horrendous ordeal, for the killers were extremely skillful and concealing of any evidence of their identities. The organization required to pull off this armed robbery-when clearly the intent and expectation was also to kill-was masterful, and a masterful mind will be required to unravel it, whether that be the FBI Agent-in-Charge, a top journalist with unnamed sources of his own (and an anonymous tipster who’s been trying to clue him in), or the survivor closest to the agent’s murder-who blames herself for his death.

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