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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Review of The MZD by Michael Ramberg_A Making Connections Review

The MZD: A novella of undead horrorThe MZD: A novella of undead horror by Michael Ramberg

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Great reader’s hook! I love it-when you read a hook like this, you just know immediately you’ve got a rewarding story to read. Why “rewarding”? Because sometimes a reader just finds herself glad she picked up a particular story! Maybe it’s inappropriate to chuckle at a dystopian zombie infestation story, but I just couldn’t help myself; the author’s subtle humour is too much not to laugh out loud. His grasp of the social realities of “foreigners” in South Korea is so detailed, it’s easy to imagine oneself in that situation and locale. Another aspect I enjoyed of this novella is the author’s approach to the Zombie situation. Instead of slapping us right away with “hey, these are zombies” type of narrative, he gently allows the information to flow in, or to rise up, like a corpse’s hand might poke up from a rushing river when it’s bumped by a fallen log also floating downstream. Instead of starting with the Zombie problem, he starts with character, and lets that develop first, then subtly weaves in the plot background. That makes for a much better and more appealing approach. The only question this reviewer has is:

“Mike, when’s the next story?” 

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