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Monday, March 19, 2012

Review of Stalked by Brian Freeman (Jonathan Stride #2)

Stalked (Jonathan Stride, # 3)Stalked by Brian Freeman

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is why I love Brian Freeman mysteries! Almost no other author in my experience can interweave a tapestry of secrets, characters, retribution, traumas past and present, revelations, and just plain outrageously exciting denouement, like this author. “Stalked” is non-stop excitement and intrigue. When I grow up, I want to write like Mr. Freeman.

Jonathan Stride is back in Duluth, Minnesota, his home town, after a brief and unpretty stint as a homicide detective in Las Vegas. Offered his former position as Lieutenant of the Homicide Bureau once again, he jumps at the opportunity, and his new love Serena Dial agrees to resign as a Vegas detective and become a private investigator in Minnesota. Stride even manages to find a home on the Point, where he grew up and lived during the twenty years of his first marriage and for three years after his beloved Cindy succumbed to cancer.

Stride doesn’t just “take up where he left off,” though-his former protégé, forensic technician Maggie Bei, has undergone a series of miscarriages, is in the midst of marital conflicts-and then her husband is suddenly murdered, with her gun, while she is upstairs asleep. Stride refuses to believe Maggie could be guilty, but the evidence, and the conviction of the detective in charge, stand against her. She adds to the mountain of evidence by refusing to tell the truth about the last few months, and about the troubles in her marriage. Shortly Stride and Serena begin to unravel an incredibly complex multi-layered tapestry of crime, immorality, selfishness, and greed, as only author Brian Freeman can construct it.

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