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Friday, March 2, 2012

Jake West: The Warriors of Heynai

The Warriors of Heynai (Jake West Book Two)The Warriors of Heynai by M. C. Webb
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Jake West Book Two

The first Jake West story left us, not so much with a cliffhanger, as with a strong sense of Jake’s determination. He has found his destiny, learned his purpose, and he is dedicated to living it-somehow. But Book Two again throws us into the emotional turmoil, commencing the story with Author Webb’s trademark dialogue and speedy plotting. As we know from life, once we find our destiny, events are more likely to turn topsy-turvy than they are to run straight and smooth, and this proves to also be the case for young Jake Webb, the “Keeper.”

Jake elicits reader’s empathy; he recognizes and acknowledges his emotions, positive and negative, making it easier for the reader to see him as “a real person,” someone we might actually know. And the suspension of disbelief, our ability to believe the worlds the author creates, comes easily and naturally. I had no problem switching from “real life” to the understanding of Jake’s other worlds-one just flowed naturally out of the other.

This book, like the first in Jake’s series, will appeal to YA, but also to middle-grade readers and even to adults (such as myself) because both books have so much going for them: characterisations, plotting, rapid pace, realistic emotions, and well-drawn world-building. Don’t delay in getting both of these books; set aside a nice duration to read; and get acquainted with young Jake West. You’ll be happy you did.

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