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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Magdalena Curse by F. G. Cottam_Review

The Magdalena CurseThe Magdalena Curse by F.G. Cottam
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Another stunning tour de force from the accomplished author of “The House of Lost Souls” and “Dark Echo,” this novel philosophically examines the nature of evil in a fashion that will raise hackles and curl hair. More than a ghost story, more than a romance, more than a mystery, “The Magdalena Curse” is the kind of outstanding novel that should gain 12 stars out of 5! I cannot recommend this novel, or this author, highly enough.

Mark Hunter is a former British Special Forces operative, devoted to his wife and two children. The most bizarre experience of his life occurs on a mission he tried to avoid, a joint British-Canadian-American operation in Bolivia, deep in the Amazon jungles. Here he comes face to face with naked evil, and in his horror and morality, commits an act which he expects to end the situation-but instead delivers a curse upon his young family. At the unexpected and tragic accidental death of his wife and daughter, Hunter retires and moves his sont to an isolated home in Scotland. But the curse tracks him, and possesses his son. Hunter wants more than anything to deliver his child, and if not, he will die in the process, a willing sacrifice. Enlisting the aid of the local general practitioner, Hunter (and Dr. Elizabeth Bancroft) discovers that evil dons many guises.

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