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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

DEMON'S NIGHT by Guido Henkel_Review

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Demon's Night (Jason Dark #1)Demon's Night by Guido Henkel

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A delightfully adventurous peek into Supernatural Victorian London, with fine period detail, “Demon Night” is an intriguing and inspiring introduction to the “Jason Dark” series by author Guido Henkel. Mr. Dark, a wealthy upper-class inventor and explorer of the Supernatural, would be right at home in the Steampunk sub-genre, and it would fit itself around him like a tailored glove.
Speaking of tailoring, Jason Dark’s character is tailormade to bring readers who love historical fiction, Victoriana, or classical supernatural chills flocking to their nearest bookselling outlet to download the entire series. “Demon’s Night” is totally enjoyable, with adventures, frights, friendships, accurate period details, and of course, that overtone we can’t live without, the Supernatural. As Jason and his newly-met friend Siu Lin battle the intensifying manifestation of a lesser demon, they quickly discover that they’re only putting out a small fire, compared to the bonfire of the greater demon about to enter this world. Not only Jason’s and Siu Lin’s lives are threatened, but those of the entire global population.

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