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Monday, July 30, 2012

GHOSTLY ENCOUNTER by Suzannah Daniels_Review

Ghostly Encounter (Ghostly Series, Book One)Ghostly Encounter by Suzannah Daniels

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Smooth and well-written, “Ghostly Encounter” presents an intriguing premise: Can a living individual be soul mates with the ghostly spirit of a person long-dead? If so, can the two ever “unite”? While the reader is pondering these matters, author Suzannah Daniels puts another unexpected spin on the question, with terrifying gatekeeper apparitions and time travel! And then she weaves present into past, doubly, with the addition of our protagonist Mia’s seemingly uninterested former boyfriend, Matt.

Mia Randall has never known her father, who died during her infancy, but she has always been very close and interdependent with her mother, who struggles to provide as a waitress. Mia just wants to keep good grades, do University, then find a well-paying career to help support her mother, in return for all her mother has done. Right at the end of the school term, on-again off-again boyfriend Matt dropped Mia, and immediately another good-looking boy, Josh, steps in to take his place, but Mia knows Josh can only be a friend and no more. At Chickamauga National Battlefield she meets a man who makes her heart flutter, believing him to be a Reenactor participating in the Battlefield Reenactment. But Benjamin is far more than someone playing at history-Benjamin lived-and died-during the Civil War, and now he has found the woman he considers his soul mate, the one who might allow him to somehow change his past-and his future.

I can highly recommend this book for high school age YA readers and older. The author’s approach to history is very educational, and readers will definitely warm up quickly to the characters.

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