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Friday, July 27, 2012

SHIVER by Linda Wilkinson-Wing_Review

ShiverShiver by Linda Wilkinson-Wing

“Shiver” is a heartwarming trinity of delectable ghost stories, gentle, subtle, yet poignant. Very well-written indeed, these stories will linger in the heart and mind.

“Miss Lizzy” will touch even the most jaded, cynical hearts, those who can’t believe in happy endings.

“Winged Savior” flips one of society’s cherished monster myths on its head and teaches that sometimes, there really is a happier reality.

“Nightmare at the Eastwood” is nostalgic, yet tension-filled (and terrorizing), putting the impetus of hero on an ordinary divorced wage-earner.

I truly enjoyed all three stories. The first two deal with abusive situations, and present a premise that love and compassion can overcome. The really scary one is the third, but gives us a strong, morally upright, determined protagonist, who just might win out after all.

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