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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

UNDER WITCH AURA by Maria E. Schneider_Review

Under Witch Aura (Moon Shadows #2)Under Witch Aura by Maria E. Schneider

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“Under Witch Aura” is a tremendously exciting story, the sequel to “Under Witch Moon.” Even deeper in characterization and intensity of plotting (if that could be possible), “Under Witch Aura,” like its predecessor, kept me riveted. Author Maria E. Schneider packs a lifetime of worthwhile reading into each of these novels, which are definitely multiple rereaders.

Santa Fe area Hispanic witch Adriel is at an apparent standstill in her blooming relationship with White Feather; an inexplicable frost has, not withered the bloom, but put it on standstill. She discovers her own troubles only commencing when a nocturnal visit to her home of the ghost of a reclusive hermit witch sets terrifying events in motion. Meanwhile, warlock White Feather is sticking to home because something magically ugly has attached itself to him, and he is trying to track it while simultaneiously keeping it apart from his young sister and from Adriel.

You don’t have to love magic to love this series; but if you love magic, these are don’t miss novels. Romance, unfolding characterization, continuing characters who actually mature and evolve (or devolve, in the cases of the villains), plotting that will make your hair curl, and much much more make these books winners for sure.

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