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Tuesday, July 14, 2015



Dystopian / Post Apocalyptic
Date Published: April 22, 2015

WWIV - The Shorts Book 1

Seven short stories from around the world - just before and just after the darkness arrives. From LA to North Korea, an eastern nuclear plant to the Black Hills of South Dakota, Madison, WI to Moscow, and The Netherlands to the White House (bonus chapter). 

Each story depicts the same event from different and particular points of view. Each group of people completely unprepared as the next. 

Whatever happened, happened. And the reality of the new world they each must exist within is sobering.

I write dystopian. It's dark, yet fun to play with.

WWIV – Darkness Descends is my first novella, and the third book in the WWIV series.

I am an author and my pen name is e a lake. The ‘e’ and the ‘a’ mean nothing. So please just call me lake.

Not everything in dystopian writing has to be dark and dreary. I try to create post-apocalyptic situations that will challenge the reader to really believe that the events in my novels could happen. 

The best part of my genre? Who needs antagonists when the landscape surrounding my protagonist is so bad. You just have to love this stuff.

My favorites are the usual list of suspects. Orwell, Bradbury, Stephen King, Vince Flynn, and James Patterson.

I'm not all that scary. Father to three, grandfather to three, and married for 30+ years (yes, to the same woman). Just a regular guy.

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WWIV – Darkness Descends Short Excerpt



Looking at her phone, she noticed the screen was blank. Dang it, she fumed to herself, he hung up on me. She turned to give Harry an earful when sparks shot from under the hood. Jennifer screamed as all the lights in the car went dead, and Harry guided the slowing vehicle towards the side of the road.

“What the hell just happened?” she screamed.

Harry looked forward, almost in shock; his curly blonde hair waving as his head shook. “I have no idea. I think my car just shorted out.”

Leaning towards him, she punched his arm. “What do you mean your car shorted out? How stupid is that? How stupid are you?”

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