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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Release Review: BLACK TRILLIUM by Marion Zimmer Bradley, Andre Norton, Julian May

Release Date July 7, 2015

Three royal sisters must undertake separate but equally perilous quests in order to defeat the dark sorcery that has ravaged their kingdom in book one of the Saga of the Trillium, an ingenious collaboration by three classic names in fantasy fiction

Peace has long reigned in Ruwenda thanks to the magical protection of the Archimage Binah. The realm's devoted guardian is aging, however, and her magic is weakening. When the kingdom's triplet princesses were still infants, Binah gave each of them the mystical power of the Black Trillium. But the unthinkable occurs too soon, and Ruwenda is overrun by the ravaging armies of neighboring Labornok before the sisters, Haramis, Kadiya, and Anigel, have time to learn how to use their great gift.
Forced to flee, the young princesses must follow their separate destinies through a dangerous and unfamiliar world of Oddlings and enemies—for only the combined power of three magical talismans can help them defeat the malevolent sorcerer who has brought chaos and death to their once-idyllic home. But it will take new kinds of strength and wisdom to confront the great evil that has descended on the World of the Three Moons.
Marion Zimmer Bradley, Julian May, and Andre Norton, three of the most honored names in fantasy fiction, have joined forces to create an extraordinary world and culture in the first book of the remarkable Saga of the Trillium, a breathtaking tale of duty, peril, love, and magic. 

REVIEW: BLACK TRILLIUM by Marion Zimmer Bradley, Julian May, Andre Norton

I first read this classic in the 90's (originally published in 1990) and I remember being both astounded, and overtaken by joy. It was my first introduction to Julian May, though not of course to Andre Norton [who authored the first book I really remember reading, LORD OF THUNDER] nor to Marion Zimmer Bradley. I have stated many times that generally I am not a fantasy person; but in the hands of these three authors, Story transcends any genre. I am so grateful to Open Road Media for bringing this classic in vivid new life ( and grateful I can now read it as an ebook). Some books ought to be reclaimed by each new generation. World, behold three Masters at work: BLACK TRILLIUM.

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