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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Release Review: BOOK OF THE LION by Thomas Perry [BIBLIOMYSTERIES]

Release date July 14, 2015

When Professor Dominic Hallkyn receives an anonymous phone call late one night from a voice claiming to possess a priceless Chaucerian manuscript presumed lost forever, he doesn't know how to react. He soon finds himself scrambling to meet the caller's demands amid uncompromising suspense that culminates in a devilish plot twist. Perry takes his readers on a mad dash through the winding streets of Boston in pursuit of the unique artifact that may be doomed to disappear from history . . . this time, for good.

Review: BOOK OF THE LION by Thomas Perry

You don't need to be a scholar of Medieval Literature to love this story! All you need is an appreciation of good writing and of a tautly, intricately, plotted mystery plot line. Thomas Perry delivers exactly that, in a delicious mystery that will keep readers guessing to the very last page and then deliver an "Oomph!" punch.

The very best dream of a Chaucerian expert might be an undiscovered manuscript. When such is offered to Professor Hallkyn, he'll move heaven and earth to acquire it. But he's not dealing with a scholar or collector--instead, he is in thrall to a lunatic.

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