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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

TOUR: Q ISLAND by Russell James

Release: July 7, 2015

Epidemic! An ancient virus has surfaced on Long Island, NY, turning its victims into black-veined, infectious, psychopathic killers. Chaos and madness rule.In desperation, the military quarantines the island, trapping Melanie Bailey and herautistic son, Aiden. Somehow Aiden survives infection. He could be the key to a cure…if Melanie can get him to the mainland.Gang leader Jimmy Wade also survives the virus, but he’s acquired a hunger for human flesh. Believing consuming Aiden will make him all-powerful, he and his gang hunt the boy. Melanie and Aiden must evade both Wade’s tightening grip and the growing army of the infected in an impossible escape from what all call Q Island.

Review: Q ISLAND by Russell James

Whenever a new title by Russell James is announced, I leap at it, knowing I'll be amazed and never disappointed. Mr. James is an author who works tremendously to hone his craft and it shows. His newest entry, Q ISLAND, is one nonstop knockout punch after another, the story of an improbable (although theoretically possible) infectious viral plague. I won't give away the incredibly imagined backdrop--just know that if you're looking for a thriller with unstoppable suspense and horrific proportions, Q ISLAND is most definitely your book.

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