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Friday, July 10, 2015

Review: THE REPLACEMENT by Jason Pellegrini

After a violent altercation with an infamous New York City drug lord, Patrick Sullivan believed his career in law enforcement was over. Yet, not even a year after his resignation, he finds himself back on the job. This time, a detective in the homicide unit.

While battling the ghosts of his past, Patrick and his new partner, veteran detective Jonathan Hawkins, find themselves chasing a killer who is constantly one step ahead of them.

As the body count increases and no substantial leads are discovered, tension between the two cops threatens to boil over. They attempt to coexist as they hunt down a sadistic serial killer who does more than just take his victims' lives. 

Review: THE REPLACEMENT by Jason Pellegrini

I totally loved the reader's hook, which immediately pulled me in and kept me captive, wondering constantly "Reality? Dream? Reality?" and truly, that slippery perception continues throughout the book with "this is too bad to be true" alternating with "I know this is too good to be true!" I love to find a mystery-within-a-mystery (I'm not a born conspiracy theorist for nothing) so THE REPLACEMENT kept my motor humming right along. Great going in a first-time novel. 

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