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Friday, July 3, 2015

Review: THE LEGACY TRUST by Pete Carter

Review: THE LEGACY TRUST by Pete Carter

The sort-of-science-fiction, sort-of-apocalyptic, H. G. Wells-on-steroids [think faked Mars invasion], fun of THE LEGACY TRUST is simultaneously endearingly hilarious and serious conspiracy stuff. Our narrator, self-professed nerd + geek is unafraid to poke gentle fun at himself, and brave in a diffident sort of fashion [when it doesn't occur to him he should be afraid, he isn't]. This is a novel conspiracy theorists should devour. What a twisted set of villains! It's a fun read that will also make you ponder.

The author generously provided a digital copy for review purpose, without remuneration, via Goodreads Group ebook miner.

Book Description:
When designer Andy Knight decided to post some of his artistic creations on a spoof ‘Alien Artifacts’ website, he thought he was just having fun with the gullible public – until government agents turned up. He was arrested, interrogated and threatened. They wanted his ‘artifacts’. The REAL ones! 
Knight’s future went into a tailspin when they showed him a 60-year-old photo of an artefact almost identical to one he had dreamed up. And when a follower of his web site sent him a strange device for safekeeping, and was promptly murdered, Knight decided to keep that one secret. 
Researching the origins of that device cost a friend his life, and sent Knight on a chilling journey through history untold. 
On the run, he turned the tables on his attacker, and uncovered some incredible facts. Not least, the agent, Marlon Brady, claimed to be a time traveller, here to fight against the manipulation of history by a century-old secret organisation – the Legacy Trust. He revealed a plot which, he claimed only he and Knight could thwart. 
Where did the ‘alien artifacts’ fit in? Were they alien? Somebody wanted the technology enough to kill for it. 
Was Brady really a time traveller? Knight had seen some convincing evidence that he was, but then, Brady had lied before. 
An ever changing quest to uncover both the truth and the Legacy Trust takes Knight from England to the seat of U.S. government in Washington, his trail marked by bodies, thanks to Brady. Can they stop the Trust in time, or is World War III already in motion? 
But what Knight learns in the U.S.A. only adds to his confusion… 

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