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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Review: CHILDREN OF FIENDS OMNIBUS by C. Chase Harwood


The second book in the Of Sudden Origin universe (contains all of Parts 1-4 of the serialized version). 

"Hair raising non-stop adventure" 
"Mr. Harwood has created a new class of characters that are truly unique to the zombie genre and who will definitely keep you up at night" 

Since the beginning, nature has revised and deleted her various life forms. Versions of man have been dominant for hundreds of thousands if not millions of years. Africanus, Habilis, Erectus, Neanderthal, and many more, have returned to the dust from which we all come. At times they have overlapped with one another and even interbred until a dominant new design supplants that which came before. Telepathus is here now. "What of us?" asks the Sapiens. Perhaps Sapiens has had its time too... 

Children Of Fiends, An Of Sudden Origin Novel, is a continuing saga of heroism, cowardice, cruelty, barbarity, fear, lust and love.


After all is said and done ( and it would seem ALL has been written, and filmed, in the Zombie sub-genre), what new could be imagined? C. Chase Harwood accomplished exactly that-a new framework for this particular tapped-out fictional mine, in OF SUDDEN ORIGIN. Additionally, he gave us a very reasonable, albeit surprising, scientific rationale, in terms of spontaneous evolutionary mutation [hence, the "Sudden Origin"]. He also rendered a number of memorable characters [for my part, I can't forget the isolation minister and his "commune" on the island].

Like its predecessor, OF SUDDEN ORIGIN, CHILDREN OF FIENDS is literate, articulate, horror. There is sound scientific basis for the mutations, from the initial genetically engineered cause right up through the various evolutionary outcomes. Yet is also thoroughly humanized and individualized, and like OF SUDDEN ORIGIN, CHILDREN OF FIENDS is just a pleasure to read.

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