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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Release Day Review: MR. SUICIDE by Nicole Cushing

Review: MR. SUICIDE by Nicole Cushing

Author Nicole Cushing is one of a kind. I discovered this when I read CHILDREN OF NO ONE, published by DarkFuse in 2013. I was astounded at the reach of her imagination. So naturally, I leapt at the opportunity to review her newest, MR. SUICIDE (a Word Horde publication) and needless to say, I am once again awestruck. MR. SUICIDE is an outré story about a boy whose childhood is caged in emotional and mental destruction. Think "Mommie Dearest" with not as much physical violence. Think parents with serious disorders--or rather, one disturbed parent and one cop-out co-dependent. Consider four offspring, two who "escape" and two who are left at home, rife to descend into madness. In lesser hands, MR. SUICIDE would be Lovecraftian, but Nicole Cushing is never derivative; and so, her creation, the Great Dark Mouth, is entirely new, different, and horrifying. MR. SUICIDE really resonated with me, and I am most eager to await its reappearance.


Like everyone else in the world, you’ve wanted to do things people say you shouldn’t do.

How many times in your life have you wanted to slap someone? Really, literally strike them? You can’t even begin to count the times. Hundreds. Thousands. You’re not exaggerating. You’re not engaging in… whatchamacallit? Hyperbole? You’re not engaging in hyperbole.

Maybe the impulse flashed through your brain for only a moment, like lightning, when someone tried to skip ahead of you in line at the cafeteria. Hell, at more than one point in your life you’ve wanted to kill someone; really, literally kill someone. That’s not just an expression. Not hyperbole. Then it was gone and replaced by the civilized thought: You can’t do that. Not out in public.

But you’ve had the thought…

From Shirley Jackson Award-nominated author Nicole Cushing comes Mr. Suicide, a novel of the Great Dark Mouth. 

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