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Friday, July 3, 2015

Review: THE DEVIL'S WOODS by Brian Moreland

Book Description: 
Fear wears many skins.

Deep within the Canadian wilderness, people have been disappearing for over a century. There is a place the locals call “the Devil’s Woods,” but to speak of it will only bring the devil to your door. It is a place so evil that even animals avoid it.

When their father’s expedition team goes missing, Kyle Elkheart and his brother and sister return to the abandoned Cree Indian reservation where they were born. Kyle can see ghosts that haunt the woods surrounding the village—and they seem to be trying to warn him.  The search for their father will lead Kyle and his siblings to the dark heart of the legendary forest, where their mission will quickly become a fight for survival.

Review: THE DEVIL'S WOODS by Brian Moreland

I often ponder why it is that a certain few horror authors are consistently prolific best sellers, no matter the quality, while a larger cadre of horror authors produce top quality horror with every venture, and are largely less well-known [except among genre critics, other authors, and some fans]. Among these consistently high-quality writers is Brian Moreland, who always shocks, scares, and satisfies.  In THE DEVIL'S WOODS, the horror Mr. Moreland conjures up blew my doors off, and certainly kept me cowering in my room with door locked and multiple lights burning, windows tightly closed and curtained. Here the horrors are both inhuman and human [believe me, the human horrors are every bit as terrifying] and best of all, my personal criterion for horror is well-met: implacability. Brian Moreland raises the horror bar!! 

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