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Tuesday, July 7, 2015


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Author Bio:

Who is Alex Pearl?
It's a question I often ask myself. Well, basically I'm a short-sighted bloke aged 50, which I suppose is pretty old really. And for 27 years I have worked at various advertising agencies and marketing companies as something called a copywriter. This means I have to sit in an office and write the words that appear in adverts, leaflets and letters. It's a funny old job. Sometimes it can be fun when, for instance, you have to make a TV or radio commercial. But this doesn't happen very often. At other times it can be rather dull and frustrating when a client rejects your work that you created and insists that you do something far less interesting.
Outside work I'm a husband and a dad, and I live in North West London with my wife and two children. We don't have any animals in our house but we do see lots of birds in our garden. And yes, we do have a bird table, but only the one, and this is usually attacked by the squirrels before any bird can get to it.

About Sleeping with the Blackbirds:
Eleven-year-old schoolboy, Roy Nuttersley has been dealt a pretty raw deal. While hideous parents show him precious little in the way of love and affection, school bullies make his life a misery. So Roy takes comfort in looking after the birds in his suburban garden, and in return the birds hatch a series of ambitious schemes to protect their new friend.
As with the best-laid plans, however, these get blown completely off course - and as a result the lives of both Roy and his arch tormentor, Harry Hodges are turned upside down. While Harry has a close encounter with God, Roy embarks on a voyage of discovery that draws in and impacts on everyone around him, including the local police, his headmaster and the national media. Where will it all end, and will life ever be quite the same for Roy Nuttersley?



Such a lovely, magical, story! Like a fairy tale, but better. Poor young Roy--at 11, he has experienced years of misery in a terribly unhappy household, and of course as such, he is an immediate target for overgrown bullies. But Roy is an old soul, with compassion and caring, and fixes what he can, so he builds gently painted birdhouses in the 4 trees in his home's backyard. Luckily he dies, because all the birds take a shine to him, and begin to come to his aid.

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