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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

THIN ICE by Huw Thomas_Review

Thin IceThin Ice by Huw Thomas

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Review of Thin Ice by Huw Thomas
5 Stars

I expected a good story when I began this novel, but it turned out to be even better than what I had hoped. The premise is extraordinary, and so well done that of course there is no problem with immediate suspension of disbelief. The reader finds herself completely in empathy with the protagonist, Daniel Harper, who struggles both with his own awareness (and lack of same), and with the scoffing skepticism of those whom he encounters.

Falling into circumstances beyond our immediate control is far from an uncommon occurrence in anyone’s life, but rarely if ever does one experience what Daniel Harper has discovered. A young journalist at peace with his life, engaged to a beautiful woman, athletic, active, his biggest regret is the loss of his father, with whom he had never really bonded-and now, of course, it’s too late. But a bicycle ride out in a semi-rural area, on a day of black ice on shadowed roadways, spins Harper into a coma-and his consciousness into an alternate timeline. To make matters even further complicated, Daniel carries with him all the memories of the parallel probability, including knowledge of a serial killer who has abducted and set up for death several women. Now he must try to expose that killer, known only to him, and simultaneously convince the lovely young woman who had been his fiancĂ©, that they really are in love, and not just the remotest of acquaintances.

Author Huw Thomas has quite an engrossing way of presenting this tale; I immediately believed the course of events (and not only Daniel’s crossing of probabilities is “unusual,” believe me) and could not put the book aside. A combination of mystery, thriller, unending suspense, romance, character study-a reader would do well to pick up this one immediately and settle in for an evening’s read (or two evenings, as did I.)

I reviewed “Thin Ice” at the author’s request; he graciously provided me with an e-book copy in return for my fair and impartial review.

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