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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

THE PSYCHIC by Margarita Felices_Review

The PsychicThe Psychic by Margarita Felices

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Review of The Psychic by Margarita Felices
5 Stars

I enjoyed this story tremendously, with its delectable premise, vivid settings, imagery (some of that imagery is spookily potent!), and its combination of a moral with a life lesson needing to be learned. It was compact, with no loose ends, and I consider it a re-reader as well.
Beryl and her late husband Charlie were lifelong con artists, fleecing many out of hard-earned and needed savings. Unfortunately, they always did so with impunity-until Charlie passed away very unexpectedly, and Beryl found herself in dire straits. Then, quite by accident, she discovered and began to employ a fortune-telling venue, which proved quite lucrative, and grew it into a blossoming practice including séances. But one night, two people are present whom Beryl can’t account for, and one proves to be a nasty investigative journalist; the other, quite something else.

This is a don’t miss, both for aficionados of Spooky, and for those who simply enjoy good writing in a well-turned story.

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