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Saturday, September 15, 2012

HEREAFTER by Terri Bruce_Review

HereafterHereafter by Terri Bruce

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Review of Hereafter by Terri Bruce

5 Stars

I REALLY enjoyed this Paranormal story. Author Terri Bruce demonstrates a vivid and creative imagination, and gives us a “land of the dead” that, honestly, is pretty similar to the “land of the living,” only with less fun, excitement, and consequences. (Our newly dead protagonist Irene, for example, drinks to excess-or it would be excess in a living individual, which is exactly WHY she is “newly dead”) with no effects and no consequences beyond boredom). Poor Irene: she’s gone from friends/drinking buddies and guys hitting on her at bars, an irritating mother, a really exasperating next-door-neighbor Jack Russell, and a demanding career-to blah-ness par excellence: driving her BMW, spending home time, visiting her mother and her mother’s dead neighbor Mrs. Boine, once Irene’s unwanted babysitter. Oh, but Irene has made one new friend and a few ghostly neighborhood acquaintances. A fourteen-year-old high school student who is obsessed with death, death rituals, death customs, and traveling the Astral Plane, finds Irene, sees her, visits her, and unwittingly becomes Irene’s “Guide” to the “land of the dead” she now inhabits. But that’s not enough for adventurous Irene; no, she’s got to go and discover what else might be available in this blasé afterlife experience of hers.

This book is so good that I can’t wait to make time to reread it. I highly recommend it. Not what I expected, in fact much much more. Do yourself a favour, and go out and get it-now.

I reviewed an e-book copy provided by author Terri Bruce on Sept. 6, 2012, via the Goodreads Group Making Connections, in return for my fair and impartial review.

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