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Sunday, September 30, 2012


The ExoterrestrialsThe Exoterrestrials by TW Brown
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Review of The Exoterrestrials by TW Brown
5 Stars

A delightful contemporary science fiction tale with an enterprising moral, “The Exoterrestrials” introduces readers to the castaway Dre’le’exx, marooned in Earth’s Pacific Ocean after an unfortunate near-miss encounter with an “alien spacecraft” (from the United States) in 1970. Since their ship was permanently and irreparably damaged and the commander and the remaining crew had to crash-land, the four decided to make good use of their tenure on this planet by “cleaning it up”; that is, by eliminating whichever individuals do not subscribe to the human moral order. That ranges from school-age bullies to middle-age perverts to serial killers, and these beings, who somewhat resemble giant spiders and weave “Mindwebs” to read thoughts, conscious and unconscious, spend their time moving into empty residences, weaving strands of their webs, then collecting the nasties and eliminating them by processing their energy, just as spiders do with flies and other hapless creatures.

Despite the premise, “The Exoterrestrials” is a well-written and delectable little tale, and just the thing for late-night reading in those last moments before turning off the lights to sleep.

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