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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

THE MORROW SECRETS by Susan McNally_Review

The Morrow Secrets (Book 1)The Morrow Secrets by Susan McNally

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Review of The Morrow Secrets by Susan McNally

A delightful fantasy of truly epic proportions, “The Morrow Secrets” is only the first in a series “starring” young Tallitha Mouldson, a girl who lives in a fancy but bizarre mansion that would give the Winchester House a run for its money, in terms of closed-off wings, staircases that lead nowhere, hidden passages, concealed ladders and stairs, suites no one living can locate, and more. Tallitha has a young brother Tyass, a mother Snowdroppe who is often “away” and when she is present is very controlling, a father whose focus is intoxication-and a Grandmother and 2 Great-Aunts, one of whom is the “head” of household, plus her mother’s cousin Esmeralda (kind of a spooky lady herself), and Tallitha and Tyass’ “cousin” Benedict, a clumsy although studious child.

Tallitha almost simultaneously rejects her “duty” to become the eventual Morrow head, and discovers that her Great-Aunt, who is Grand Morrow, had a daughter who went missing decades ago. Tallitha and Tyass decide to go adventuring, to locate the missing Asenathe, and make her return to Winderling Spires to be heir. Esmeralda, who has often attempted such a journey, accompanies, and the children insist on Benedict’s presence too. What they find will include many varieties of danger, plus new friendships, and a denouement that will turn their world inside out and upside down.

Author Susan McNally has an incredible imagination and has populated this alternate world with wonderful characters, not just the human ones, but all of the other species and creatures involved. Aimed at YA readers, older adult readers will enjoy it just as much, and I predict and recommend a wide audience.

The author provided me with a review e-book copy on Sept. 4 2012 in exchange for my fair and impartial review.

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