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Sunday, September 9, 2012


Sliding Beneath the Surface (The St. Augustine Trilogy, #1)Sliding Beneath the Surface by Doug Dillon

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Review of Sliding Beneath the Surface by Doug Dillon St. Augustine Trilogy #1

This novel elicits a giant “Wow!” from me-Author Doug Dillon is one incredible storyteller. He has wrapped troubled adolescence, grief, being orphaned or partially orphaned, with history, legend, superstition, parallel dimensions, indigenous shamanism, and so much more, to deliver a story seamless in its coherence. I absolutely am on tenterhooks waiting for the next entry in Mr. Dillon’s “St. Augustine Trilogy.”

Jeff Golden and his widowed mother moved to St. Augustine, FL (“America’s most haunted city” and the oldest in the U.S.) following his father’s highway demise. Jeff is constantly angry; due to situations preceding his father’s death, and since then, the fifteen-year-old has become quite a manipulator, especially of adult authority figures. His only friend in the city is Carla, who also lost her archaeologist parents on an expedition in the Yucatan, and lives with her aged grandmother, who has virtually “adopted” Jeff. When a recurrent nightmare destroys what’s left of Jeff’s calm, Carla introduces him to her neighbor Lobo, a woodcarver and shaman. Lobo drills right to the heart of the problem, but in order to solve it, both Jeff and Carla enter into a terribly dangerous endeavor.

“Sliding Beneath the Surface” is targeted to a YA audience, but I am hear to validate that it is a great story for middle-aged and older readers just as much. I am very impressed with this debut novel, and it has my high recommendation.

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