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Saturday, September 15, 2012

REVAMP by Beck Sherman_Review

RevampRevamp by Beck Sherman

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Review of Revamp by Beck Sherman
Reviewed via Making Connections

An enticing novel, “Revamp” caught my attention from the very beginning, with its wry humour, suspicious events, and air of mystery. The further I read, the more I became convinced: “Revamp” is one very special book! It’s truly a stunner; a fast-paced thrill-a-moment; a re-reader, and I sure hope the author is writing fast on the next book, because I really want to read it-whatever it will be!

If I wanted to categorize it, which of course I always feel impelled to do (pigeonholing one’s universe feels essential ), I would not know exactly what categories to maneuver. Here we have Dystopian; Apocalyptic; almost but not quite Futuristic; Paranormal (Vampires!!); Recent Past; covert governmental agencies (:( ); Paranormal as Reality (oh yes! Read it for yourself and see!); and no trouble initiating and maintaining suspension of disbelief. And these characters! Even the ones not likable are rockin’! (Try, for example, Mabon) And who can resist the fun guys, like A Dog Named Schizo (and Cooper).

So readers of Paranormal or not, Dystopian/Apocalyptic or not, all you readers who love a good story, get yourselves to this novel, now.

I reviewed a copy from Smashwords, as provided by the Author via the Goodreads Making Connections Group, in return for providing my fair and impartial review.

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