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Thursday, September 6, 2012

SEDONA: THE LOST VORTEX by Mikel J. Wilson_Review

Sedona: The Lost VortexSedona: The Lost Vortex by Mikel J. Wilson

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Review of Sedona: The Lost Vortex

5 Stars

“Sedona: The Lost Vortex” is a long and complex novel, covering elements of paranormal, science fiction, quantum physics, astrophysics, dimensional travel and much more, while still remaining firmly grounded in the “human” range of romance, health, friendship, contempt for those “less than,” arrogance, egotism, and megalomania. Yes, I said it’s complex.

I almost cannot pull out any single thread from the book because all are so tautly intertwined. So I’ll attempt a short summary of the plot and then simply recommend that the reader try this out for herself or himself; I consider it well worth the reading.

Gregor, Cadence, and Travis are Los Angeles friends who take a vacation to Sedona, Arizona. Travis befriended Gregor in middle school, and Gregor met Cadence when she was a cancer patient at the hospital where he is a technician. They’ve just entered Sedona when they encounter Lily and Ivy, mother and daughter storekeepers of a “New Age” shop, and Mitchell Briar, fundamentalist evangelist and son of the extremely strict pastor of Sedona’s Christ Church, August Briar. Almost instantly the lives of these seven individuals become inextricably intertwined, in ways that bring both blessings, and serious danger. Author Mikel J. Wilson demonstrates a deep knowledge of psychology, of quantum and astro-physics, and of the differences between Old Testament stricture and New Testament “forgiveness” (a divergence some of his characters can’t comprehend).

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