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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

DANGEROUS PAST by A. F. Ebbers Blog Tour Stop

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Mallory Heart Reviews DANGEROUS PAST:

“Dangerous Past” is an exciting, hair-raising, thrilling novel written by an author who knows of what he speaks. Pilot Frank Braden, twenty-some years into a mostly fulfilling marriage to a surgeon, thinks that his war service thirty years ago is long past. But Frank doesn’t realize that his Vietnam tribulations are about to intrude with fatal consequences into the present day. Back then, he disbelieved in the war, and scoffed at older brother Jack’s decision to enlist. But when Jack was inexplicably declared Missing in Action, Frank enlisted in order to search for him, or at least try to solve the mystery.
Now in the present day Frank must battle a tremendous danger while in the air, when part of the jet blows out. He thinks it is mechanical fatigue, but the answer is much more dangerous-and far more complicated. Now Frank’s life is on the line-and not only his, but his wife’s and his two college student children-and should he make even a tiny misstep, all will be lost.
Author A. F. Ebbers keeps the reader on the edge of her seat, heart in mouth, as the story races to a conclusion-who will win? Frank and his family? Or the mysterious, concealed villain who has Frank in his or her sights-and why?

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