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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

CREEP by Jennifer Hillier_Review

CreepCreep by Jennifer Hillier

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

[Never heard the song in question, not sure if I was going to like the book-didn't even take one page for me to discover I REALLY like it! Sociopathy, mystery, stalking, murder, deviant psychology-Anonymous groups of various stripes (such as AA and SAA)-excellent debut novel!] Finished-what a twister! Review will follow.

Review of Creep by Jennifer Hillier
This review is rated 18+

There is an age-old question: does Life imitate Art? Or does Art imitate Life? Sometimes Art imitates Art, it seems-on Sunday September 2, I raced through “Creep,” for pleasure reading; and the very next day, September 3, I read for review at the author’s request, “Falling in Love” by Stephen Bradlee. “Creep” is a debut novel; “Falling in Love” is a fictionalized rendering of a true story. BOTH involve female protagonists with SA-sexual addiction, a documented psychological “disorder.” What is so intriguing for me is comparing the two women: in “Creep,” Dr. Sheila Tao is an accomplished academic, Ph.D., published, University Professor, newly engaged to a former Texan, a banker who himself is in recovery from alcoholism. Dr. Tao seems to have it all.

In “Falling in Love,” the protagonist is a constantly-acting-out, abused in childhood, on the run, on the go, can’t keep a job, can’t start a relationship, self-admitted mess. Two sides of the same coin?

“Creep” is not just a riveting psychological examination of a syndrome, but a mystery-suspense-thriller with plot twists tauter than a python-I dare any reader to figure out the truth before the end! I certainly was on tiptoes and heart in mouth throughout the entire book. If you enjoyed Chevy Stevens’ “Still Missing” (which takes place just a little north of this novel’s Seattle area locale) you will love “Creep.” I call it a don’t miss and can’t wait for the next offering from author Jennifer Hillier.

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