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Friday, September 28, 2012

THE ANTITHESIS by Terra Whiteman_Review

The AntithesisThe Antithesis by Terra Whiteman
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Review of The Antithesis by Terra Whiteman
Reviewed for Full Moon Bites Blog Tours

An unusual and highly complex novel of metaphysics, philosophy, and quantum physics, “The Antithesis” postulates not just one universe, but thirteen Multiverses-all of which contain hundreds of planets. Only forty of these worlds, though, are controlled by Heaven and Hell, in the form of The Atrium, housed in Purgatory. In The Atrium, a coalition of judges, all Vel’Haru-one noble and her three guardians-rule on soulcases, determining which side gets the points for each individual soul at death. The newest judge, Alezair Czynri, is taken straight from the Nexus, turned Vel’Haru by noble Leid, the Justice Commander, and made her guardian. Alezair retains no memories of his tenure in the Nexus..or of his “before.”

I can honestly say that “The Antithesis” is unlike any other metaphysical novel I have read. This is Heaven and Hell, Lucifer and Yahweh, as you certainly never expected to see them. There is no shortage of passion, sensuality, character derivation, profane language, or graphic violence. Readers will keep turning the pages to discover what new wonder appears next (yes, there is planet-travelling too). I do rate this book 18+ for violence, language, sensuality.

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